New Webinars Promote Growing
Food-Grade Soybeans in North Dakota

Webinars feature information on economics, identity preserved programs, export demands

The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association and the North Dakota Soybean Council have produced a series of online webinars to educate North Dakota growers about growing food-grade soybeans.

The webinars are for growers around the state who may be considering adding food-grade soybeans to their crop rotations—or switching to food-grade soybeans. The webinars detail information from agri-business professionals, including:

Economics overview with Dr. Frayne Olson, Crops Economist and Marketing Specialist, North Dakota State University, who compares conventional soybeans and food-grade soybeans in:

  • Cost and returns comparison per acre (food-grade soybeans produce higher returns)
  • Direct expense comparisons per acre
  • Management considerations (pest control, cross-contamination, record keeping)
  • Contract provisions
  • Counter party risk and federal crop insurance


Third party identity preserved (IP) inspections with Ken Bertsch, N.D. State Seed Department (NDSSD) Commissioner:

  • Advantages of IP in products that are food-grade, including soybeans
  • Grower responsibilities and requirements for food-grade soybeans
  • Process for securing IP product labels
  • Fees for IP programs
  • Results of IP programs for N.D. growers


Export demand for U.S. non-GMO, food-grade soybeans with Mary Pat Corbett, Marketing Director for Human Nutrition, U.S. Soybean Export Council, who shares:

  • Global importance of soybeans as food (tofu, soy milk, soy sauce and more)
  • U.S. soybean export growth and projections
  • U.S. soybean production increases and impacts
  • Forecasted production growth (major potential for N.D. growers)