Food-Grade vs. GMO
Compare for yourself.

The bottom line is...knowing the bottom line. In addition to the other benefits, we want to help you see the economic value of Farming Food.

Adding Food-Grade soybeans to your regular crop rotation can have a number of benefits, include curbing stubborn weed resistance.

To better illustrate what economic impact Farming Food can have on your bottom line, we have provided to the right, a sample of the numbers comparing some average 2013 numbers for the Pioneer P91M10 variety of Food-Grade soybeans vs. comparable GMO crop.

But don't take our word for it, use the calculator below to compare the numbers for yourself.

Compare Food-Grade to GMO





CBOT: $ $
Basis:   $
Premium: $  
Gross/bu: $ $
Gross: $ $
Seed Cost:
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$ $
Weed control: $  





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